QuantM is a technology services company with more than 20 year experience , 1800 plus engineers and technicians spread across offices in four countries and 62 service partners across 50 states in US.

After years of experience in providing the Technology solutions and services to corporates like Honda, Sony and McDonalds , the global corporate communications head Ms Charu and Partner Development Manager John Rovito, who themselves were non technical and non sales, felt that computer users like themselves needed someone who could not just provide them personalized but professional support but also ensure that apparently small, but serious issues like Virus and data safety are taken well care of.

While in 2009 nurturing the idea of a team that not only understands the real day to day issues of a home and small business user but also had the tools and expertise to provide proactive protection, security and support, This group decided to set their base at a beautiful Milford Historic District in Pennsylvania.

It was the best location for a consumer technology services company COTEQ supported by TEQGlobal where employees came up every morning with smile on their face surrounded by a community of painters, theater and art.

It was also a perfect opportunity for the company to actively participate in a different kind of community contribution though helping upcoming artist through a local art promotion initiative EARTH and doing fund raising and sponsorships for the 100 years old Milford Theater.


COTEQ uses many proprietary, white labeled and co branded technologies to deliver technology support and security solutions to its customers, some of them are:


QuantM Technologies Inc

Po Box 1001

Milford PA 18337-1001