the-ambaCOTEQ is an emerging information technology services organization. Our attempt is to establish a legacy of greatly satisfied customers by providing the highest standard of technical support to them. However, to ensure that each customer gets the best possible service, and is not continuously redirected to anonymous voices, we have appointed Ambassadors, who will be dedicated to ensure that customer grievances are promptly attended, by mobilizing the relevant resources at COTEQ.

Our chief ambassador is Sarah Miller who will represent you at COTEQ and will attempt to resolve all issues you may have. If our support teams have not been able to reach to your expectation levels and have you in our list of satisfied customer, we assure that Sarah will.


Sarah Miller heads a team of professionals operating from the COTEQ headquarters at  New Jersey. A majority of the team members hail from New Jersey and have years of experience in meeting our client needs. The Ambassadors work for YOU, our customers. They are fully trained and represent the core values that define COTEQ;

  • Customer first: A cornerstone of any service organization. We build our strengths by focusing on the needs of our customers. Our commitment to our customers is also reflected in our speed of response.
  • Excellence: striving for excellence in the quality of service we provide as well as the speed with which we provide it. We have built our own internal benchmarks by which periodical reviews are conducted on the quality of our performance.
  • Integrity: we take pride in conducting our day-to-day assignments sincerely, honestly and with complete transparency.
  • Responsibility: We continue to be completely responsible at individual and team levels for what we commit and deliver to our customers.

Our clients can approach Sarah and her team members directly by calling on the toll-free number provided below. We assure that all grievances will be resolved quickly.

Contact Us

COTEQ Ambassadors work 24×7, 365 days a year. Call them at 844.837.4562.