All You Need to Know About Continuity in iOS8 & OSX Yosemite


Apple is set to release the new operating systems for Mac and iPhone this fall. Called iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite respectively, the operating systems will be able to do various ‘beautiful things’ together. Collectively billed as Continuity by Apple, these ‘beautiful things’ take the user experience to altogether a new level. Here we look at what Continuity does in a bit of a detail:


You can start writing an e-mail on your iPhone and pick it up from your left off to complete it on your Mac. Or you can start browsing the web on your iPad and continue with the same link on your Mac device. The HandOff feature ensures that all this happens seamlessly for you. All you have to do is to stay signed in on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone from the same iCloud account.

 You can use HandOff with various apps including Mail, Safari, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps, Messages, Reminders, Calendar, and Contacts. Developers can also integrate this feature in new apps that they develop.

Call Answering With iPads and Mac

Now you can receive and make calls with iPads and Mac devices as well. Consider this situation. While fiddling with your iPhone, your kid turned its ringer to mute. As a result, during an incoming call, you won’t hear the buzz. However, at that point of time if you are working on your Mac, the call would show up there with caller name, phone number and photograph. You can accept the call, reject it or a leave a message. Even making calls with iPads and Mac devices is simple. Your iPhone number will be used without you having to setup anything. One thing though, you need to make sure that your iPhone, iPad and Mac device are on the same Wi-Fi network though.

Messaging Made Really Easy

With iOS8 and OSX Yosemite at helm, even your iPad and Mac can send or receive messages of all kinds. So when your friend sends you an SMS or MMS but your phone is in a remote location charging itself, you can receive the same and respond to it through your iPad or Mac. What more, you can even initiate a conversation by tapping at a contact number from your list in Safari, Calendar or Contacts.

No Wi-Fi? Not a Problem

If due to any reason your Wi-Fi is not working, your iPad and Mac can utilize the new Hotspot feature to connect to your iPhone to access its network. The iPhone will feature in the list of Wi-Fi devices on your Mac and iPad. All you have to do is to select it and you are all set.

Notification Banners Let You Connect and Stay Focused, Simultaneously

iOS 8 lets your continue with what you’re doing during notifications in its own unique ways. Its notification banner lets you respond to messages, emails, calendar invitations, and reminders without requiring you to leave your current task at hand. For instance, now you can reply to a friend request via Facebook without leaving the app you are currently in.  Simply reply to the notification from the notification banner and keep doing what you are doing without any hassle.

Apple continues to amaze us with never-before-seen advancements with every OS version they release. This time around, its continuity.

Image by: Blake Patterson


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