Essence of Customer Services for Startups

Customer ServicesCustomer services has always been considered an essential component for any organization, let alone a startup. However, (in many cases through hard-way that is), startups around the world have realized that its ‘the’ factor that can make them flourish or sink. Of-course a startup needs to first think of having a cutting-edge product to market and sell. It’s equally critical though, to back this product with great customer service.

So how can customer services really make or break an organization that has just started its journey. Here are a few pointers worth a look to consider customer services as:

A Feeder to Product Evolution

Customer services can do much more than just appeasing your clients. It’s more about creating an open dialogue through which startups can gather concrete feedbacks on how the product is faring in real-life scenarios. What the customers are thinking about the product? Is the price appropriate or not? How do they rate it among competing products? Its worthwhile for a customer service department to document answers for all these questions, gauge the patterns and make amendments in the product, if felt appropriate. Essence is to quickly understand what is working right and what needs to be changed in order to make a product evolve and sustain itself in the marketplace. And all this could be made possible through effective and efficient customer service.

A Source of Inexpensive Promotion

As per various researches its implied that anyone who receives good customer service for a product he consumes discusses his experiences with at-least two other people. Therefore, quality customer service can be an immensely good source for free promotion for any start-up.

On the other hand, substandard customer service will for sure completely cripple a product. Especially with the advent of social media, customers never wait long to express their dissatisfaction online. So its essential to get all components of customer service right for any company, right from its initial going.

An Essential Customer Retention Enabler

Every organization should try its level best to retain existing customers. And for startups, it becomes even more important to hang on to their clients. The reason is simple; it takes exponentially more to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones. Effective customer services can play a pivotal role in ensuring just that. Conversely, poor customer service has its own setbacks. Not only the customers get annoyed, the costs incurred to retain them also spiral up as aspects like advertising, promotion and damage control factor in.

A Brand Builder

Customers always correlate a brand with how its customer service is. Whether good or bad, they always remember a brand with the type of services they receive through it. So its essential for a company to think of effective customer service the moment a customer reaches his website or makes a call at the helpdesk. Companies need to be attentive to prospects to the point that they feel delighted that they chose your brand.

Startups need to ensure that customer services really make or break an organization. So its one of the functions they need to concentrate, right from the word go, to ensure long-term and profitable viability of their business.