Gift Any of These Gadgets If You Really Love Your Dad


Father's Day GiftsMany of us are not as close to our fathers than we are to our mothers. However, its a known fact that though we need our mothers the most, we need fathers as well. So, this Father’s Day buy any of these gifts and show your love to your father. After all, he is the one who goes out to earn and give you a good life (in many cases, that is). So if you have saved some pocket money or are earning yourselves, be wise to buy any of these not-so-expensive gadgets for your father and make him happy.

For Dads Who Prefer Keeping Their Devices Super-charged (Gadget Charger for Car for $34.99)

Looks very much like a big coffee mug. In fact it fits in the car’s cup holder as well. However, its a power charger that simultaneously charges three devices. So if your is commuting in his car, this PowerLine PowerCup Mobile Inverter can come in handy to charge his smart-phone, notebook, as well as music player in one single go. Surely a gadget your father would love to have. Moreover, it comes at a price that any kid grown enough to understand the value of his father to him can afford to purchase.

For Dads Who Love Music (August SE50 Speaker System for $54.95)

Another utility packed device; a must-have for a tech-savvy dad. These 15-Watt dual speakers are aesthetically pleasing and add to your home décor. They are Bluetooth enabled and are compatible with any mobile or smart device that exists including the laptops, tablets, and smartphones of all types. One-day shipping is available from Amazon.

For Dads Who Enjoy Mobile Gaming (MOGA Ace™ Power controllers for $79.99)

Everyone loves mobile gaming and your dad may be one of them. During those office breaks he also might prefer to unwind with some of his favorite games stored on his smart-phone. So how about enhancing his gaming experience with MOGA Ace™ Power controllers. Just help him fit his smart device between these controllers and help him gain more control while racing or dealing with virtual enemies.

Controls include dual analog sticks, a D-pad, shoulder buttons and triggers as well as four action buttons. Other features include portable, expanding design that fits with every current smartphone, 1800 mAh battery to charge the phone while your father games and battery life indicator.

For Dads Who Prefer to Stay Connected, All-day Long (BlueAnt PUMP HD Sportbuds for $129.95)

Multi-sport wireless headphones that deliver crystal-clear sound with Energize HD Audio. Their robust design make them free from dust, sweat, rain and debris. The device also includes built-in Mic and 8-hours of battery life, a must have for a workaholic father and the one that loves to stay fit and connected even on the go.

For Health-Conscious Dads (Wallograph Watch for $349)

Its indeed expensive. However, considering its utilities, its surely worth the purchase. First of all its a really trendy watch your Father would love to wear anytime. Its fitted with specially-shaped sapphire crystal that cover the front of the watch giving it a stunning look. And since its sapphire, its nearly as hard diamond making the front of the watch almost scratch-free.

The Wallograph is also an activity tracker, the one that every Father needs, especially considering the hectic lifestyle he lives in. Through a simple infographic interface, it tells how much your father moves during a particular period of time or how hard he exercises. It also gives statistics such as his resting heart rate, as well as high, low and average of pulse each day to gauge how his health has improved or changed over a period of time.

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