Five Apps Preferred By Industry Players WorldWide

Apps for BusinessIts known that industries have special affinity towards mobile apps. They are seamlessly being utilized across the hierarchies as an integral tool in various aspects of their business operations. Although apps have been adapted among industry sectors in varying pace, with a few leapfrogging others in their utilization. a few among them are common, or more specifically popular.

Here we highlight five apps that have overtime attained an amiable place in the work-life of professionals across the globe.

Cisco AnyConnect

A Cisco product, the app ensures secure and seamless connection over enterprise networks. The app enables business critical connectivity to collaborators to access business e-mail, a virtual desktop connection, or other iOS applications. The app supports all iPad, iPod and iOS devices. Its equivalent for Android devices is AnyConnect ICS+.

Owing to its inherent connectivity features, the app is most notably used by industry people working in healthcare, financial services, public services and manufacturing sectors.


Dropbox is a file backup, sync, and sharing solution used by consumers and businesses across the world. Its free for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 platforms. Its typical slogan is “Never mail a file again!” More than 4 million businesses across the world use dropbox. It is most prominently used in education, public sector and healthcare sectors.


iBooks is a free-to-use ebook application of Apple Inc. designed for its iOS and OS X operating systems. The app allows readers to download and install iBooks free of charge from the iTunes App Store. Its latest version, iBooks2, allows interactive reading as well as book creation. The application is available in 32 prominent languages of the world.

As iBooks is all about books, it’s obvious place is in education sector. e-Books, being cheaper than traditional books and readily available to download, find an ideal home in iBooks. This very utility of the app makes its a hit in financial services, healthcare, retail, and public services sectors as well.

Google Chrome

A Google product, Chrome is a web-browser that connects users to the world wide web. With 14.3% market share, Chrome is the most popular web browser for mobile platforms (Its all-web usage stands at 31.8%). Chrome has just surpassed Internet Explorer when mobile downloads are considered.

Since Google Chrome is the browser the world prefers, its popularity in various industrial sectors is a foregone conclusion.

Adobe Reader

Printable document format (PDF) is a preferred format for sharing business documents, publishing white papers or releasing case studies to stakeholders and clients. And the software used to read PDF files is Adobe Reader. With use of mobile devices for business purposes, increasing with every passing day having an Adobe Reader app is essential for industry players. It’s prominently utilized in manufacturing, healthcare, retail and financial services sectors.

The app finds a place in all popular app platforms including Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8.

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