How to Control App Permissions on Your Android Device in a Tick

control-app-android2Till now it was an all or nothing preposition with the apps that users used to run on their Android devices. Apps didn’t install on their device until they were given permissions to access their address book, location info, even IMEI for that matter.  Although it may not be known to many, Android is a strongly enforced system for per-app permissions.  However, the problem was that such permissions were poorly explained and interpreting them was not everyone’s cup of tea.

Google, at last, has taken a stock of things.  The 4.3+ versions of Android come with a compatibility to support a very useful tool called the App Opps Launcher. What the app (a freeone from Google Play) does is something very simple and exactly what its name suggests. It unlocks the App Opps screen concealed somewhere inside the periphery of the operating system. The screen presents an extremely user-friendly interface utilizing which users can easily manipulate all the privacy threatening permissions their apps enjoyed almost vehemently until now. And most importantly, users can do so without compromising their access to apps, one-bit.

So the next time you want to install Shazam without giving it the permission to access your location or to install SideCar without giving it access to your address book, you can do so, without any hassles whatsoever.

The fact that the app is not yet graduated into a full-scale version may be somewhat a dampener. However, its availability goes a long way in helping the users control the unruly access other apps got to their Android devices, up till now.  Moreover, the users also needn’t worry about keeping their phone plugged in that often as these apps won’t be able to squeeze the life out of their devices anymore. So, finally they have more control on their Android devices.

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