Five Amazing Mother’s Day Tech Gifts for Less

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is round the corner. So how about gifting your mom any of these amazing gadgets. We’ve compiled the best of the lot. They are trendy, suave, affordable, and above all belongings your mother would surely cherish.

Touch Screen Gloves (For Tech Savvy Moms)

Not just any other pair of gloves, mind you. These come with interwoven connected fibers that make operating touch-enabled devices a hassle-free experience for your mother. Not to mention, these gloves do their basic job of keeping your mom’s delicate hands cozy during winters, equally well.

Most brands offer these touch screen gloves for as less than $30. However for your mom, these are priceless as you would gift it to her this Sunday. So do the needful and let her fiddle with her touch-enabled devices with ease next winters.

LED Pulse WristBands (For Trendy Moms)

These stylish wristbands are best suited for those mid-aged moms who love to keep pace with the current trends. Apart from the aesthetics associated with the bands (as they come in various bright colors), they offer a really noteworthy utility. Make your mom wear them while she goes for a pub party or for a jog in late evenings as the integrated LEDs offer extremely good low-light visibility.

The LEDs blink to every tap and motion and the blinks can be customized based on the surrounding mood and occasion. Creative moms can also wear a little broader ones on their ankles. Each one is priced for as low as $5.99 per piece.

Mom Spy Pen (For Detective Moms)

An ordinary pen by look and feel, however really effective in spy recordings. 8 GB of memory storage is enough to discreetly record all misgivings at home, work, or marketplace. A perfect gift for your mom, especially if she loves to clandestinely or (not so clandestinely) record such activities and helpful to family, friends, and society in general, in her own creative ways.

Spy Pen is priced a bit on a higher side (in the whereabouts of $50 to be precise). However, considering the magnitude of aid it can give, its for sure a gift worth every penny of its price. So don’t worry about the price. Just gift it to your mom and she would surely love to have one.

BrookStone Travel Alarm Clock (For Touring Moms)

A perfect gift for your mother if she travel frequently for official purposes or loves to do so otherwise as well. This lightweight, foldable alarm clock is extremely easy to carry and sits well on desks and night stand. The oversized numbers are easy to read in dark, mainly because of the turquoise blue backlight. The clock displays date, time, and surrounding temperature count. Buy it for just $25.99 from here. A gift your mom would surely cherish for a long, long time.

Wireless Key Finder (For Forgetful Moms)

Does your mom forgets where she kept her car keys time and again. If yes, gift her this wireless key finder this Women’s Day. All she has to do is to attach the included key fob to the car keys and relax. And like always, whenever she is unable to find the keys, she just needs to press the transmitter and the fob will blow an alarm; its that simple. However, one issue till remains. What if she forgets this key finder itself. Well! wait for the next Mother’s Day. We might have an answer for this as well.

The device works from a distance of upto 60 feet. You pay $49.95.