Managed Data Security Against Viruses & Malware With Auto Updates. Also Locking of Confidential Data Against Theft.

Automated Data Backup of All Your Files. Track, Control & Monitor Your Internet Data Download & Upload.

Real Time Automated Performance Alerts With Patch Updates Through 24 by 7 Device Health Monitoring.

Nation Wide Support Network for PCs, Laptops and Home Networks with Round the Clock Expert Service Desk Support.

Online Service Desk

Innovative, Immediate, Cost effective, Secure and Non Intrusive. ….. And it’s the Greenest option.

Online service desk or a remote technical help is the most innovative change in the technology services delivery process. It is the preferred option of getting repair and support by most computer and smart device users for simple reasons like:

Lower costs

Remote support eliminates the need for a computer technicians to make the trip to and from your business location. That alone will save you money. That’s great news, but there are even more benefits of remote  support. And all the services are on flat rate basis.

Faster Response Time

With remote support, there is no waiting for a trained technician to become available and travel to your business location. Of course, this means less computer down time for you, which also saves your time.


You must grant the remote tech access to your computer. Once the troubleshooting session is over, the technicians can’t re-access your system without you granting permission once again. Also every remote session is recorded for quality checks and security compliance.

Less intrusive

Would you be uncomfortable letting a complete stranger in your house or handing over your computer with the confidential data to someone across the counter?  You can avail the remote support from the convenience of your recliner, in your pajamas even in the late evening, without having to worry about intrusion in your privacy.

Get remote tech support anywhere

At home or our on vacation? Working from home instead of at the office? As long as you have Internet access, we can service your computer, no matter where you are.

Almost any software-related malfunction can be addressed

More than 90 percent of personal computer problems are related to software, virus and malware, which is exactly the type of problem remote tech support can address.

The most common issues addressed by online technicians are

  •  Diagnose and repair of a computer that is not working the way it should
  •  Identify and remove viruses, spyware and other malware
  •  Configure your security software and settings, including anti-virus/anti-spyware and firewall
  •  Enhance performance by removing unnecessary files and operating system functions that take up memory and space
  •  Adjust key settings to improve data processing
  •  Repair driver conflicts
  •  Set up file and print sharing over an existing network, including sharing of data over a shared network and configuring network printers

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  • Bloggers like me know the importance of data security and protection from computer breakdowns, Thanks to COTEQ I feel secured and protected.  Now back to blogging

    Diane SmithFashion Blogger (Swim a la Mode ) and ex editor of a international fashion magazine

    • All I needed was predictability in my computer uptime with safety and security of my confidential data. After a careful “screening” of many options I chose COTEQ and like many I consider it as one of my award winning “discovery”

      Jerry BeaverCasting director for theater and films and is the founding president of the Black Bear Film Festival.
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